Client Information

    Please bring proof of residency the first time you come. It's advisable to bring another adult with you if you are bringing young children. Proof of residency could be a valid drivers license with a photo id., a rent receipt made out to you with a Berlin address and a photo id., or a bill with your name and Berlin address on it and a photo id. We will ask to see proof of residency each time you come.

    You must be at least 18 years old to use the pantry. (born in or before 1998)

    When you come into the food pantry you need to talk with our Intake Volunteer. He or she will help you make out the necessary required forms

    You may shop at the food pantry twice a month. On your first visit, after you prove residency, you may shop with the help of a volunteer for the number of people in your household. You will have a shopping list provided by the Intake Volunteer.

    You may shop the food pantry for three months, then, if you are not already approved for one or more of the recognized Government programs listed, we will ask for proof of financial need as determined by your family income. Proof of financial need would include the combined income of all family members receiving food. This income includes wages, self-employment income, social security, pensions, annuities and retirement benefits. Your latest federal tax form should show all of these. If you are not required to pay federal taxes, a combination of your social security benefit amount, and checking and savings statements should hold this information.

    We will be using 200% of the SNAP federal poverty guidelines to determine financial eligibility. This changes every year, but in 2014-2015 a single person earning $1,945.00 a month or less would qualify. For a family of 2 - $2,261.00, for a family of 3 - $3,298.00, for a family of 4 - $3,975.00. Consideration would be given to extra-ordinary circumstances. You would qualify without proving financial need if you already qualify for any of these programs: Medicaid, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), WIC (Women’s Infant and Children’s nutrition program), Workmen’s Compensation, or if you are currently using the WHEAT food pantry in Clinton. We would require proof of your belonging to any of these programs.

    If you must bring children with you it is advisable to bring another adult to watch them while you shop. Children are not allowed in the shopping area. Children cannot be left unattended in vehicles and cannot play in the parking lot because emergency vehicles may be coming in or out anytime. Bring the children in with you, but be aware there is no play area and there may not be anyone available to help watch them while you shop.